Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I list an event on Rotorua Nui?

Follow this link to register as a promoter, you will receive an email letting your know when your registration has been approved and you can login to begin listing your event. Take a look at the instructions on how to list an event on nui – you can also print these off.

You can load as many events as you like. Each event will be approved by one of the team at Rotorua Nui. If we are unable to approve your event we will contact you for further information.

Rotorua Nui is not able to process ticket sales, however, if you are holding your event in a Rotorua Lakes Council managed venue, we can help you set up ticketing for your event through Ticketmaster, our preferred ticketing agency. Email the Ticketmaster Box Office at Energy Events Centre.

Rotorua Lakes Council always recommend using a reputable ticketing agency to sell tickets to your event. Most events held within our venues use Ticketmaster. For more information contact Ticketmaster directly.

Listing your event on Rotorua Nui is absolutely free.

As well as being able to list your event on the Rotorua Nui website for free, we may be able to help promote your event through our other Rotorua Nui marketing channels. These include a monthly e-newsletter, a range of social media platforms, or our quarterly events calendar. Please contact us for more information.

If you would like to promote your event on Te Pou Pānui – Rotorua community event signboards, more information can be found here. Please email our community events team to enquire or to book an advertising space.

You can find guidelines on how to design your event poster for these sites here.

The Quarterly Events Calendar is a printed seasonal guide of selected events in Rotorua. While we try to include as many events as we can, space is limited and we cannot guarantee your event will be included.

When you load your event make sure you select “Yes” to be considered for the Calendar. Preference is given to events held in Rotorua Lakes Council venues, or those in partnership with Rotorua Nui.

Rotorua Nui is only for events happening within the Rotorua district.

Can I buy tickets through Rotorua Nui?

Rotorua Nui is unable to process ticket sales for events. Clicking on the “Book Now” link within the event listing will take you to the event’s ticketing website.

Please ensure you are purchasing tickets from a reputable ticketing agency or a trusted source. Most events held in Rotorua Lakes Council venues will sell tickets through Ticketmaster.

Sorry, no. All ticketing issues are managed by the ticketing agency or the event organiser themselves. You will find a contact for the event within the event listing.

Click on “Venues” in the Main Menu to see a list of all Rotorua Lakes Council event venues.

You will need to contact the booking agency (eg Ticketmaster) directly.

How can I book a venue for an event?

If you would like to book a Rotorua Lakes Council venue, park or reserve for your event please contact eventsandvenues@rotorualc.nz